Hello. Sabrina. Arizona. Hispanic, Filipino and Taiwanese. UA Wildcat. 18.
Instagram:: _binibaby_

I don’t get it as often as i used to. But right now it just came out of nowhere. The worst part is when it first comes. It’s like you got hit by a brick. Like it knocked the wind out of me, unable to breathe for hours on end. I feel the emptiness in my stomach but i feel like i’m gonna throw up. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry but i know that I can’t. I have to suck it up and shrug it off as if i’ve never felt this emotion before. Hopefully this feeling goes away soon…

I mostly blame my stupid ass doctor for not putting me on anti-depressants just because i don’t get suicidal thoughts. Like really? I’m sick of feeling like i’m in an endless dark tunnel trying to get out but never being able to. Just because i don’t get those thoughts doesn’t mean i don’t get depressed.